PMC offers a diverse range of professional monitors, including studio monitors, reference monitors, and surround sound systems. Each product is meticulously designed to meet the demands of professionals in music production, film and TV post-production, gaming audio, and immersive soundscapes.


FOUNDING YEARS (1991-2000):

PMC's journey began in 1991 when a group of audio enthusiasts and engineers, driven by a shared passion for accurate and transparent sound reproduction, founded the company. Their goal was to develop studio monitors that would redefine the way professionals perceive and create audio content. In those early years, PMC focused on intensive research and development, collaborating with renowned audio engineers to refine their designs and technologies.


The early 2000s marked a significant turning point for PMC as the company introduced groundbreaking technologies that elevated its monitors to new heights. The ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loading principle, a proprietary technology, became a hallmark of PMC's speakers, ensuring extended low-frequency response and impeccable accuracy. This era also saw PMC collaborating with top recording and mastering studios, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader in professional monitoring solutions.


PMC's commitment to excellence propelled its expansion into global markets. The company's monitors gained widespread recognition for their role in shaping the sound of hit records, blockbuster films, and immersive audio experiences. PMC's presence in major industry events and trade shows reinforced its position as a go-to choice for professionals in recording, broadcast, film, and immersive audio production. Partnerships with leading post-production facilities and educational institutions further underscored PMC's commitment to advancing the art and science of sound reproduction.


As the audio industry continues to evolve, PMC remains at the forefront of innovation in the digital age. The company has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technologies such as DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and immersive audio formats into its monitor designs, catering to the evolving needs of content creators in the modern landscape. PMC's commitment to research and development ensures that its monitors continue to set the standard for accuracy and reliability.


PMC's mission is to provide audio professionals with the tools they need to create exceptional, true-to-life sound experiences. The company envisions a world where its monitors empower creators to push the boundaries of audio production and deliver content that captivates and resonates with audiences globally.


PMC's journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as a global leader in professional audio monitoring is a testament to its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of sonic perfection. As the industry continues to evolve, PMC stands poised to shape the future of audio monitoring, setting new benchmarks for excellence and redefining the way professionals listen, create, and experience sound.

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